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Electric Gripper

Combination of Stepper Motor AZ Series
with Electric Gripper EH Series

• Grip: Delicate loads that may be damaged or deform easily can be gripped.
• Adjust: The direction and position of the load can be coordinated.
• Measure: It is possible to measure the size of a load.

New Motion,
our technical magazin

Always up to date

 • Ideal load transport solutions
    with gearheads and motors from Oriental Motor


Compact Linear Actuators

Available with 28 mm frame size and 30 mm stroke

• High Accuracy Positioning for μm Movement
• Min. Travelling Distance 0.001 mm
• Stepper Motor with Integrated Ball Screw
• Less Mechanical Parts

Speed controls

Classic AC systems with Inverter or

Brushless DC systems?

All you need to know about controlling
the speed of an engine.